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Why Art is important in Life

By Chiara Magni • Apr 06, 2021 at 10:10

Why Art is important in Life

Art has always been a fundamental element of our life. I refer to all forms of art, there are photographs that have immortalized historical moments, or that have allowed us to become aware of realities very distant from us.

Let’s take music for example. A song can make us cry, laugh, remind us of a particular moment in our life.

Similarly, a painting can make a room or even a house a unique place; a place to be and be happy, a painting can help you create your own “temple”.

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is very true.

Each painting can be interpreted in different ways by each person and can create a wide range of different emotions.

There is another very important factor, which is that when we are surrounded by things we like we feel better, we are more positive, more confident of ourselves and in general we managed to achieve our goals with a little more ease, try it!

Beauty and aesthetics are important factors and should not be seen as a luxury or an extra thing but rather as a right and as an investment in ourselves.

When you invest in an artist you are not only making an artist’s dream a reality, but you are also investing in yourself and your own happiness.

Especially in this very difficult historical period, art must absolutely be one of the main things, there is a need for color, joy, positivity, and hope and there is a need for artists to do what they do best: to make society a bit better a little by little.