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Without darkness
there could be no light.

Chiara Magin Easle

About the Artist

In the serene town nestled on the shores of Lake Garda, amid the enchanting landscapes of Northern Italy, Chiara Magni was born in 1988. From a very early age, it was abundantly clear that art, color, and the unbridled expression of emotions were the profound passions of Chiara's life. Chiara possessed a unique gift - the ability to view the world through the kaleidoscope of her creative imagination. This gift became her sanctuary, her anchor, in the tempestuous sea of life. Her journey into the realm of art commenced at a tender age when, with trembling hands, she inscribed her first word, "blue," onto a sheet of paper. It was as if she were signaling to the world that her thoughts perpetually danced with colors and their exquisite details. By the age of 8, Chiara had ventured into the world of oil painting, and her very first masterpiece, created at that young age, still adorned the walls of her family home, a cherished testament to her growing talent.

Her entire childhood was marked by eager anticipation, a preparatory phase for the desired Artistic High School. However, as she approached the final year of her middle school, she encountered unforeseen obstacles. When queried about her high school choice by her teachers, Chiara proudly responded with "Artistic High School." To her dismay, the response she received was disheartening, and she was discouraged from pursuing that path. Chiara absorbed the disappointment but forged ahead, though her confidence had been shaken. Upon commencing her first year at the Artistic High School, disillusionment awaited her. What had been kindled by her middle school teachers was now systematically dismantled by the professionals at the high school. The initial enthusiasm waned, and a shadow was cast over Chiara's passion.

2016 Year
2017 Year

She began to question whether painting was truly her calling and, succumbing to the discouragement of her teachers, she abandoned her artistic pursuits after just one year. However, a faint ember remained aglow within Chiara. Despite the setbacks and the passage of time, she never entirely relinquished her love for drawing and painting. As adolescence gave way to adulthood, other interests occupied her thoughts, and the years rolled by. It wasn't until she reached her twenties that the desire to embark on a career as a painter rekindled within her. Yet, courage remained elusive, and she chose to refine her skills further before taking the plunge. It was at the age of 24 that destiny intervened. On an ordinary evening in her city, Chiara became the victim of a brutal attack. A man sought to rob her of her phone, leaving her with a grave injury that stretched from her temple to her chin, a senseless act of violence perpetrated solely because she was a woman.

As Chiara lay in a hospital bed, recovering from the trauma, a profound revelation struck her. She realized that this very wound, had it been inflicted elsewhere on her body, might have spelled the end of her dreams. This experience marked a turning point. Chiara understood that life was a precious gift, one not to be wasted, and no one should stand in the way of her dream of becoming a painter. With newfound determination, Chiara armed herself with canvases, paint, spatulas, brushes, and boundless enthusiasm. She also ventured into the world of social media, eager to share her art with the world. From that day forward, there was no looking back. Chiara's art soon garnered the attention of people from all corners of the globe. Her paintings were a symphony of colors, generously textured, and depicted introspective yet joyful subjects. In just a few years, Chiara transformed from an emerging artist into a celebrated figure in the art world, though she still found it hard to believe at times.

2016 Year
2017 Year

Towards the end of 2020, Chiara felt the need to define her artistic style. While she had previously described herself as an impressionist, she realized that her inclinations leaned more towards expressionism, yet even that label felt somewhat limiting. Thus, she coined the term "Bright Expressionism." In her paintings, viewers embark on journeys, witnessing the transformation and sublimation of powerful, sometimes dark emotions into something profoundly positive. Chiara isn't afraid of the shadows; she even adds a touch of gothic style to her art and life. She believes that you need darkness to truly appreciate the light. Chiara creates art to make people happy, to make their surroundings better, and to add joy to their lives through the power of art. People from all around the world support her journey, and many emerging artists seek her advice. It goes to show that sometimes, all you need is to believe in yourself and use your talents to make others happy. Chiara's story stands as a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is unshakable self-belief and the courage to follow your passion, no matter the challenges.

Bright Expressionism

2017 Year

Bright Expressionism, as an art style, dares to explore the full spectrum of human emotions, even those residing in the depths of darkness. Within this vibrant canvas, emotions transition, evolve, and ultimately emerge into the brilliance of light. From my earliest days as an artist, I've been drawn to the enchantment of color and the enchantment of conveying emotions through a brushstroke.

While Impressionism and Expressionism held aspects of what I sought, neither encapsulated the complete essence of my artistic vision. Impressionism, with its fascination for capturing the play of light and color, intrigued me. Expressionism, on the other hand, beckoned with its unfiltered expression of emotions. Yet, it often delved into turbulent and somber feelings, leaving me yearning for a balance between the two. Thus, I embarked on a creative journey to unite these seemingly opposing worlds, giving birth to Bright Expressionism. Bright Expressionism is a celebration of both darkness and light on canvas.

It's a realm where emotions are free to express their full range, from the shadowy depths to the radiant heights. This style reflects the complexity of the human experience. In each piece, I harness the power of color and emotion to convey the transition from darkness to brightness.

Dark elements are not shunned; they are embraced as integral parts of our emotional landscape. A canvas may begin in shadows, exploring the depths of sorrow or introspection, but it doesn't end there. My artistic choices, guided by the rich tapestry of human feelings, lead the viewer on a transformative journey. As the layers of emotion unfold, the artwork gradually shifts, bathing in the warm glow of luminous hues.

While adhering to the fundamental principles of the color wheel, Bright Expressionism doesn't shy away from bending reality. You'll find juxtapositions of vivid and muted, dark and light, chaos and serenity—reflecting the intricate dance of emotions in our lives.

Bright Expressionism is more than an art style; it's a celebration of the beauty that emerges when we embrace the entirety of our emotions. It's a journey through the shadows, guided by the promise of light, and a celebration of the human spirit's remarkable capacity for transformation.

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