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Without darkness
there could be no light.

Chiara Magin Easle

About the Artist

Once upon a time in 1988, in a picturesque town by Lake Garda, Chiara Magni opened her eyes to the world. Here, amidst Italy's captivating northern landscapes, art and color weaved into the fabric of her everyday life. Chiara was a quiet girl, often found lost in the vivid realms of her imagination, where she found comfort and joy. Chiara's bond with art shone bright and early. At five, she scribbled her first word, "blue," on a piece of paper. It wasn't just any word—it was a promise, a sign of her devotion to the wonders of color. When she was eight, she crafted her first oil painting. That piece, still framed and hanging in her childhood home, was the seed of her dream.

Growing up, she eagerly anticipated joining the Artistic High School. But life threw curves her way. In her last year of middle school, her teachers' discouraging words nearly dimmed her light. They suggested she choose a different path, but Chiara pressed on, even though inside, she wavered. Her first year at the Artistic High School was tough. The shadows cast by her teachers grew longer, convincing her that maybe painting wasn't her calling. She stepped away from her art school and the canvases she loved.

2016 Year
2017 Year

Yet, a faint spark remained within her. She kept drawing and painting, slowly nursing that spark back into a flame. Teenage years came and went, and around twenty, a desire to pursue painting professionally flickered within her, but the courage wasn't quite there. She honed her skills in private, not ready to leap. At 24, Chiara's life changed in an instant. A violent robbery left her with a scar—a literal one, running down the side of her face. In the hospital, as she healed, she saw this scar as a sign. It was a second chance, a precious gift. She realized life was too short to not chase her dreams. Nothing would stand in her way again.

With a new fire, Chiara grabbed her paints, canvases, and tools. She opened her heart and art to the world through social media and never looked back. She welcomed her journey with humility and an eagerness to grow and make her mark. Collectors from around the globe started to take notice of her work, drawn to the whirlwind of colors, the generous application of paint, and the emotions that leapt from her canvases. In a few years, Chiara transitioned from an emerging artist to an established name, always with a touch of disbelief and a hint of fear. The universe seemed to be gifting her the dream she had cherished since childhood. By the end of 2020, Chiara knew it was time to define her style. She had always considered herself an impressionist, but she realized her heart leaned more towards expressionism—yet, neither fully fit. So, she created her own: Bright Expressionism, a style where powerful emotions and vibrant, often non-realistic colors met natural subjects.

2016 Year
2017 Year

Chiara's art is a journey. It's about transforming intense and sometimes dark emotions into something positive. She's not afraid of the dark; she embraces it, knowing that without it, there's no light. She paints to bring happiness to others, to elevate their surroundings and their lives through the power of art. Today, hundreds of collectors worldwide support Chiara, believing in her vision. Many emerging artists reach out to her for advice, proving that she was right to persevere through the darkness. Sometimes, all you need to do is stay true to yourself and use your gift to spread joy.

Bright Expressionism

2017 Year

Bright Expressionism, as envisioned by Chiara, is an artistic revolution that intertwines the intensity of human emotions with an innovative approach to texture and depth. Chiara has always been captivated by the challenge of expressing emotions through more than just color, but through the tangible texture of the paint itself.

In this blend of Impressionism and Expressionism, Chiara doesn't just paint; she brings emotions to life on canvas. The delicate interplay of light and color from Impressionism, mixed with the unfiltered emotional expression of Expressionism, paved the way for Bright Expressionism. Yet, Chiara aimed for something deeper—a style that could traverse the entire emotional spectrum, from the deepest sorrows to the highest joys.

At the end of 2023, Chiara's artistic journey took a turn. She realized that texture isn't just about putting paint on canvas, but also about taking it off. She started using an array of unique tools such as her fingers, spatulas, fabric, wooden sticks, Q-tips, brushes and more. These tools allowed her to experiment with oil paint in new ways, both when it was fresh and when it was semi-dry. By doing this, she revealed hidden layers of color, adding a fresh sense of depth and a three-dimensional feel to her work. This technique, unique to Chiara, allows her to create a dynamic interplay of color and texture, pushing the boundaries of Bright Expressionism.

Bright Expressionism is much more than just an art style. It's a reflection of Chiara's endless creativity and her journey in art. Every painting tells a story, beginning with deep, thoughtful moments and blossoming into a world of bright and beautiful colors. The darker shades are essential; they lay the foundation for a story that transforms right before your eyes. Chiara’s art takes you through all kinds of emotions, ending in a place that feels warm and full of light.

Chiara's approach to Bright Expressionism respects traditional color rules but adds her own twist, creating striking contrasts and a powerful mix of emotions on the canvas. Her art is all about the strength and adaptability of the human spirit, moving from dark moments to hopeful ones. Chiara is changing the game in Impressionism and Expressionism, making Bright Expressionism stand out as a bold and unique style in the art world. This style is more than just a method; it's Chiara's way of showing the beauty in embracing every emotion and transforming it into something extraordinary.

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