Chiara Magni Art

CV - Chiara Magni, Painter

Personal Information

Full name, place: Chiara Magni, born in Italy, living in Switzerland.

Contact Info:

Artist Statement

We are not perfect, our relationships are not perfect, our bodies are not perfect, so many aspects of our life are not.

So what drives us to move forward, what drives us to get out of bed every day? What drives us to still believe in love? What drives us to work hard to achieve our dreams? The emotions! The desire to feel alive.

It doesn’t matter if we ever reach what we consider to be perfect, we don’t give up because the path makes us feel alive, it makes us feel emotions. It is with this exact point of view that I approach my art and my creativity. My paintings are not realistic, they are not perfect and they don’t want to be. My paintings are the representation of emotions on canvas.


List of both group and individual exhibitions

  • 2019 Group Exhibition: Apartment Gallery in London
  • 2019 Group Exhibition: Ethnicity Art Gallery in Zurich
  • 2019 Group Exhibition: Melograno Art Gallery in Florence
  • 2021 SOLO Exhibition: Fondazione Majid, Ascona Switzerland
  • 2022 SOLO Exhibition and opening of her own Gallery in Arizona
  • 2023 Group Exhibition: Deep Gallery in Lugano
  • 2023 SOLO Exhibition and opening of own reseller in Florida


Chiara’s paintings are collected all over the world, in the past few years more than 400 paintings sold to private and to companies, including VIPs and prominent figures in the law and medicine field, from all over the world.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2018: “Artists of the year award” by the Maison d’art Padova
  • 2020: “Artist of the year award” by the Art Now Magazine
  • 2021: “Golden Palette award” by Culture and Go, Lugano
  • 2023: Chiara painted live during a gala event hosted by the GICAM Foundation. The painting was then auctioned off and sold, with the proceeds going to charity.

Skills and Techniques

Chiara Magni is the creator of a unique style she named "Bright Expressionism."

This style serves as a meeting point between impressionism and expressionism. She masterfully uses oil paint, generously applying it to the canvas, and sometimes she experiments with other unconventional mediums. Her paintings are bold and colorful, ranging from figurative to abstract. The key element of Bright Expressionism is creating strong emotions and making you fall in love with the textured oil.

Chiara doesn't place any limitations on her art and creativity. She paints with a spatula, her fingers, and even fabric, rarely using brushes. She is always searching for a better way to convey even more emotion and enhance the environment of her collectors."