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Lessons I learned as an ARTIST

BLOG – Mar 30, 2021

W e are used to seeing the artist as someone who simply stands in his messy and confused studio thinking, pining, creating magic, and probably suffering. There are also people who believe that being an artist is not a real job and therefore should not receive fair compensation… I believe that the artist’s work is one of the most difficult things to explain and at the same time also one of the most difficult to keep going. Obviously, not everyone behaves in the same way, there are those who see art as a hobby, some as therapy, and some as a profession and almost a matter of life or death (try to guess in which category I am in…) There are so many factors involved with being an artist, it is a constant search for beauty, it is a constant challenge with oneself. An artist looks within himself for inspiration and transforms it into a work of art, creates something where before there was nothing. Only an artist can do such a thing. The risk of falling into a stressful black hole is very high, an artist constantly looks inside himself and too often he forgets to look outside. Artists have a fundamental role in society and often do not even realize their importance. My advice is not to be impatient, not to “go crazy” if everything doesn’t happen overnight. As an artist you have a huge responsibility: you are awakening parts of the souls that were previously dormant. You are effectively creating daily miracles. Therefore learn to give yourself time. Don’t stay on your mind all the time, work hard but also take breaks, live your life, enjoy it. Fall in love with another person, a dog, a cat, drink wine or coffee or whatever you want… You create beauty and you are able to make other people dream and travel with the simple power of your ART, isn’t this something to celebrate every single day?

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