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How do I stay INSPIRED as an Artist?

BLOG – Apr 13, 2021

I t is typical of an artist to have the need to always be inspired. Sometimes we hear about the “artist’s block” we hear about artists who are blocked, who no longer know what to create, how to create it, or who fall into disrepute about selling or not selling. I would like to share my experience on this subject, it is necessary to understand that the mind of an artist is a little bit particular. An artist externalizes what is inside him and earns his living with his ideas, his emotions, with his message, often an artist feels misunderstood or feels that he is not valuable enough, that his works are not of enough quality to be collected. I know this happens all too often and I know very well that all artists have been there at least once in their career and sometimes for quite a long time. This is what I consider to be the real “block of the arts”: it is when you stop believing in yourself and your potential. There is no such thing as “no longer having inspiration” or “not knowing what to paint” or “what song to write”, “what poetry to write” etc, there is only stopping using one’s mental energy. I know this is a pretty peculiar concept, but I think I have enough experience now in this field to be able to give this kind of advice. I realize that it is almost a mystical concept, but it is the thing that I have found to be more true. Do not look for external reasons for your failure or even for your success; try to give the right priority to your mind, your soul, yourself, in the end, it is you who create the magic with your art, be patient, builds your work and your career one baby step after another, stabilize every improvement and never give up, even when things seem difficult. Take my advice and I assure you that you will be surprised how things will get better.

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