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Limited Edition Prints

What is a Limited Edition Print?

A Limited Edition Print is a print that has been retouched with actual oil paint. It is 100% made in Italy and printed with high-quality inks on canvas. The prints are pre-stretched on wooden bars and come ready to hang. Chiara applies textured oil paint to the print, giving it the appearance of the original painting. Once the oil paint has dried, it will be packaged and shipped directly from the studio, similar to the process for an original painting.

Bright Expressionism

Why should I collect a Limited Edition Print?

Limited Edition Prints are the perfect choice if you seek something unique and handmade. They are significantly more valuable than regular prints and more affordable than original paintings.

What is the difference between a regular print, an original painting and an Limited Edition Print?

A Regular Print can be printed on various supports using high-quality ink on a specific material. It can be reproduced and collected endlessly and is produced by a high-quality on-demand print company, not directly from Chiara’s studio.

A Limited Edition Print is 100% made in Italy. Chiara collaborates with the best printing companies in Italy and personally tests them. The print is sent to her studio, where she retouches it with textured oil paint to make it resemble the original. Once dried, it is shipped directly from her studio to the collector. These prints are eligible for international shipping, just like an original painting.

An Original Painting is the ultimate product. It comes in various sizes, from very small to large, and is unique. Chiara's canvases are custom-made and handcrafted in Italy. She exclusively uses high quality painting mediums to convey her creativity and vision on her canvases.

Are the Limited Edition Print limited in number?

Yes only 20 for each original painting will be created, whether be requested by a collector or created by Chiara based on her own decision and regardless from the size. They all come with a certificate.

Bright Expressionism

What is the price of a Limited Edition Print? Can I choose the size I want?

Yes, you can absolutely choose the size you want. You will be dealing directly with Chiara, and she will personally guide you through the process. Chiara highly recommends selecting a minimum size of 19x19 inches (50x50 cm). The price is based on the size, calculated at $1.50 per square inch. In the example above, a 19x19 inch print would cost $541 (plus shipping).

Note: Chiara may occasionally create a limited stock of her Limited Edition Prints based on her own inspiration; however, this product is primarily available upon request.

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