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Story of a commissioned painting: "Yin and Yang"

BLOG – Jan 03, 2022

A special painting commissioned last February by a collector from the US. He commissioned two very big paintings, of the size of 240x170cm (94x66 inch) Today I will be talking to one of theme: “Yin and Yang” He really gave me freedom to express and to create, he told me what emotions he wanted the painting to convey, and a couple of directions, he wanted it to be exotic and to depict a duality. I showed him a couple of ideas, and we instantly agreed on the combination of geisha/samurai. A dreaming geisha distracted by the fly of a crane with a strong samurai protecting her. The nature background was based on a photo that I’ve personally taken of the beautiful olive trees that we have here at Lake Garda. I began painting. It took me a lot, months, the longest time a painting ever took me, many weeks of work to finish each layer, then waiting for the paint to dry, and again another layer, for weeks and weeks till it was finally done. This painting was a real challenge, so many details, so many emotions needed to be created and such a huge canvas to fill in with a series of decisions to be made. In a painting that big, if you make a mistake it will look even bigger! But I made it! After 3 months the painting was done and ready to be shipped! That day I shipped 2 paintings, both 240x170cm, we made a custom wooden crate and we shipped! The paintings arrived and the collector was super happy and satisfied! It is always a great honor for me being able to create and to translate on canvas something that comes from the mind of someone else! It is like magic! If you have in mind a special idea, or emotions that you would like to translate on canvas in a Bright Expressionism way, please contact me! It will be fun!!!

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