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My Art at Milan Fashion Week

BLOG – Mar 07, 2024

B ig news from your favorite artist-meets-style-enthusiast –

I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to the Milan Fashion Week! Yes, you read that right! Your gal was front row, soaking in the glitz, the glam, and, of course, the avant-garde of fashion's finest.

But wait, there’s a twist! Not only did I get to witness the tapestry of trends sashaying down the runway, but I also had the honor of showcasing three of my vibrant paintings before the shows began. Talk about a dream come true!

Picture this: The buzz of anticipation, the air thick with creativity, and there, amidst it all, my artworks adding a burst of color to the chic canvas of Milan Fashion Week. It was a symphony of style and art.

As an artist, each painting is a part of my soul. As a fashion lover, each outfit tells a story. To bring these two loves together in one of the world’s fashion capitals? Pure bliss!

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