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A close look to my painting “Dome”

BLOG – Dec 05, 2021

T his is a very dear painting to me and I would like to describe it a bit. It was October 2020 I was driving in a town nearby; I was going to the grocery store. We were all facing and dealing with a crazy and unbelievable historical moment. It was a cold afternoon and the sky was beautiful! Passing by the countryside with the car I could enjoy a beautiful sunset, the sky was pink, yellow, blue, gray… I had to stop, I found a perfect place, with beautiful fields and tall trees! Right there before my eyes, was the perfect composition made by mother nature! I took a picture, actually several, and went back in the car to enjoy the rest of the sunset kissing the wild nature around me for several kilometers. Once back home, the next day, I selected the best photo and used it as a reference to create my painting, “Dome”.

Dome Painting by Chiara Magni

I wanted to depict based on my creativity and my way of seeing things. The energy of that moment was the main subject of the whole composition. A very textured oil was applied on the canvas with my fingers, the curls in the sky are the perfect example of that. The very small blue dome on the background is what gives the title to the painting. The painting was sold shortly after to an Italian collector.”

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