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My Thoughts on becoming an ARTIST

What is it like to be an Artist in Italy?

By Chiara Magni • Feb 24, 2021 at 15:25

My Thoughts on becoming an ARTIST

Art and Artist work is no joke. It takes years of practice to master it. People usually ask me that how to become an Artist? How is it like to be an artist in Italy?

Well, either you are an artist or you aren’t. Skills, fame, and value can all be improved with time, passion, and a strategy. But the fact of being or not being an artist is something you are or you have, it is like having blue eyes or brown eyes, it is like asking how do you become Italian, well you need to be born Italian.

I believe that there are some special people that for many different reasons decide to make art the most important part of their life.

Maybe they do it as it is fun, some do it as it is a therapy, some as they want to help others and make society a better place (I am in this category 😉 )

We all know that is very hard and that it is a very competitive area. You will find people who will try to take advantage of you or make less of you.

Usually, the career of an artist is not supported. Sometimes families don’t understand this, even school doesn’t help. In Italy, it is a very disgusting idea that you cannot live off your art,

“YOU DON’T EAT WITH ART”, they say…

Can you believe that all of my art teachers always told me to choose another path? They said art wasn’t my thing…

What can I say about this? My choice was either listen to them and let them write my story and my future or I could get down to business, work very hard and show what I was able to do. There is no shortcut to success!

Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, follow your dreams, and have enough courage to pursue your happiness. Just keep grinding and keep your motivation up. There will be a time when things don’t go your way but you have to fight all the odds and make your dream a REALITY!