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Why naked women?

BLOG – Nov 22, 2019

W hy naked women? As an artist I’ve decided to break down all my limits, real or imagined. A limit I thought I had at the beginning of my career was feeling I didn't know how to portray certain subjects. For example, animals, faces and nudes were among the most feared ones. At the same time, however, as an artist I wanted to give my contribution in giving value to the role of the WOMAN in today's society. What I did was to put away my fears and focus on improving my technique and increasing my self-confidence. I absolutely had to dedicate part of my art to the role of women. I’ve therefore studied the female features from the anatomy point of view, I’ve done a lot of sketches, and a lot of studies on canvas, up to the point where I felt I could perform an actual oil painting with full composition, color palette a story and everything. At the end of 2017 I’ve painted my fist nude, she was painted on a small 30x40cm canvas “Green Hell”, then the same week I’ve painted “Hourglass” and then came “Rio”. I can still feel the emotion while seeing the beauty been crated by my fingers on the canvas, and I’ve decided right there that was going to develop that subject more and more. The 3 of them got sold very very fast and I’ve took that as a sign to keep going. At the end of 2018 I’ve created “The awakening of Venus” Let me tell you a secret: that paining and “Breath” are my two favorite up to now...but shhhhhh don’t tell that to my other works. In regard to “The awakening of Venus” I don’t know what happened there, maybe magic, maybe luck, well what I can tell you is that the day I’ve finished that piece, still with my hands and face full of paint, I uploaded a photo, not even of a great quality and not even at a perfect focus, on my Instagram Story, well… the same day the painting was sold; I could not believe it and that once again was a sign to continue with that subject. I’ve worked on that piece for months, I've done the underpainting in bright orange acrylic and them little by little I’ve begun to finger paint it with oils. I was so amazed by the subject but at the same time I was scared to ruin it by going too fast, so I worked on it a little everyday in between other paintings. After months the painting was finally done. How do I tell when a painting is done? When all of the sudden it starts to talk to me! Why a woman? Because a woman is a mother who hugs you and tells you that everything is fine, she is a grandmother who gives you the cookies, she is an older sister who shares her experiences with you, she is the girlfriend you always dreamed of and she is the wife that you've finally married. Why nude? Because I believe that in the female body there is a beauty, an aesthetic and a symmetry that is hard to found in many other things. Mother Nature is really committed to us women. "Women painted by a woman". I only want to show their beauty and I always try to portray them with the utmost respect, never as sexual object but always as unique creatures that carry within themselves the power of life and beauty.

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