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In The Memory Of The Fox

BLOG – Feb 16, 2021

A s an artist, there are so many incidents that happen in the real-life that we try to portray through our paintings. There is so much passion, determination, emotions, courage, evolvement, resilience, and memories. If you lack any of these, your road to becoming a successful artist will always remain as a dream only. But like I told you earlier some incidents just happened out of nowhere and make a big impact on your life. Like this, there was an incident that happened with me that broke my heart and I created something which is out of my comfort. The story behind my one of the successful painting “In the Memory Of The Fox” and why I chose to make this painting? In Memory of the Fox Painting by Chiara MagniI live in a small town surrounded by beautiful nature with hills, I am used to walking there to be inspired by nature, which is a recurring subject in my paintings. One day I was happily strolling and I saw this beautiful red fox lifeless, she was there on the corner on the path, she was so beautiful but without any life in her beautiful body. She got shot; we unfortunately still have people that go hunting for fun, it is a hobby to them, really unbelievable to me. It’s human psychology that when we see someone die in front of our eyes, it makes a big impact. And many of us can feel the pain. Well I know that she got killed for fun, and this made no sense to me, I can understand the concept of killing for survival needs (even if I don’t agree with that) but killing for the sake of it, no, doesn’t make any sense to me. So my reaction was a mixture of sadness, upset, and confusion. Some incidents just happen to make you more strong and become a better version of yourself, and never less they at-least teach you a lot. So as I decided to dedicate a painting to that poor creature, and so I’ve painted “In memory of the fox”. If you look at the painting you will see that the fox isn’t very clear and the whole picture is fading away, as I wanted to depict her soul, not her body. I wanted to show all her beauty, her inside and outside beauty. Also, all that I’ve left her was a vague memory so I’ve painted what I had in mind. I thought that she deserved to be remembered and she deserved to be a symbol against this useless and vicious violence on animals. My Message - It was a very personal experience and I don’t wish for fellow painters to go around to find poor dead animals. But as general advice I can tell all of the artists to take all of the experiences in their lives and, whether positive or negative and use them as a driving force to create art. Your life is for sure interesting and it is worth sharing. Don’t be shy, communicate.

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