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Is it possible to appreciate Art without liking it?

BLOG – Jun 03, 2021

T his is an interesting topic! I think it is possible, it might sound impossible but it is! Personally my heart beats when I see something painted in oil, with a lot of texture and with an imperfect, impressionist or expressionist style. This is also what I try to create, I need to feel emotionally connected with what I create. I want my emotions to reach those who observe and those who decide to support me. So that’s what creates an effect in me that makes me say “WOW!” However, it is also possible to appreciate other forms of art. There are works of art that are objectively impossible not to appreciate, maybe they don’t create emotions in us, maybe we don’t feel connected to them, but if we stop for a moment to think about all the hard work and craftsmanship it took to create such a result, well it is impossible not to express appreciation and respect. For example, I find the abstracts way more exciting than photorealistic paintings, but I know very well that they have two extremely different levels of difficulty and I have a deep respect for all artists who are able to make academically perfect works. It is not what I want to achieve nor what excites me, but I would be crazy not to recognize and admire the craftsmanship behind it.

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