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What are My Views on ART THERAPY?

BLOG – May 25, 2021

A rt is therapy! From creating it to observing it, to collecting it and owning it, everything that has to do with art is therapeutic. I notice that if I let a few days go by without painting I become nervous, life seems sadder to me, I don’t feel myself. The first few times I didn’t connect this phenomenon to my “abstinence” from painting, then I started to notice that all these bad emotions went away, promptly, every time I came back in front of a new canvas. So after many times with the same phenomenon, I understood that that was the reason. The thing I love most about my “work” is that as it makes me happy, it also makes those who observe/collect my works happy. There is a particular magic in creating something out of nothing and being able to evoke positive emotions in people, in the end, there is nothing more important than making someone else feel better right?

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