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Should Abstract be considered a type of Art?

By Chiara Magni • Jun 08, 2021 at 10:24

Should Abstract be considered a type of Art?

Yes absolutely! Everything that creates an emotion is ART and abstract works can for sure create emotions.

I think that if something communicates to you, that is already art.

From the outside, it might seem that abstract paintings are just a bunch of colors and shapes randomly put on the canvas, well unfortunately that is what it is in most cases. Sorry, but someone had to say it.

There are some abstract works, see Mirò and Pollock, that are just so perfect and they communicate so much. The more you look at them the more you understand them, there are layers and layers of understanding that you can get from a properly performed abstract piece.

I like to create figurative works and mix them with some parts that are just absolutely abstract, if you would zoom in a part of one of my paintings, you could not tell if you are looking at a sky, at a field of flowers, or an animal’s fur, then once you zoom out again, you will have the full picture and all of the pieces will make the perfect and complete puzzle. So I don’t want to exclude or fight against abstract art, I embrace it and use it to create a more complex painting.

I am also about to create a series of abstract works and I believe it would be exciting.

There is a very exact science behind the use of colors and shapes and I’ve done a lot of study and experimentation on that, so if those two factors are properly used in a piece it might come out very interesting and strong.