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5 Secret Tips to Become a Successful ARTIST

BLOG – Mar 02, 2021

T his general, step-by-step tutorial will provide a comprehensive guide to better your skill as an artist. I learned these techniques from my own trial-and-error experiences I have assimilated during my time as an artist. So let’s start the 5 SECRET TIPS TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL ARTIST

    1. Be constant — You better realize and face right away that it will take time, the order of magnitude is “years”. For sure miracles do happen and you could be super famous overnight, but do not make the mistake of thinking that it is an option. Be down to earth, you need to do a baby step one after the other, see what is successful and repeat it, make it stronger, isolate what is not successful, and get rid of it! There will be a lot of moments of sorrow and discomfort, many more than what you think, cry if you need to, but don’t let the tears lose the sight of the mountain. Remember that hard work always pays off, it is all a matter of how smart, honest and passionate you are.
    2. Be true to yourself — I will never say this enough, it is all a matter of balance. Try to find your signature style, my suggestion is to find the perfect balance between your style and what people like. I know this might sound like cheating, but you want collectors to get to know you and to support your path, so why don’t listen to them? I am sure that you don’t want your home or your studio clogged with unsold paintings. This is my personal opinion, but as an artist, you are providing a service to society, you have a task, you want your overall unlying message to come across to as many people as possible; so you better listen to them. You can just observe, see how people react to a specific painting or subject, do your homework, it doesn’t mean that you have to spoil your artistic view, it means that you need to understand that you deal with people, it is a cooperative path. Within this limitation you can develop your signature style, you can create what makes you happy and satisfied, just be aware and observe what goes on around you and your art.
    3. Be kind — It doesn’t matter if your paintings sell for 50$ or 50.000$, be nice to people. They decided to collect from you amongst all of the painters in the world, this is something to celebrate and for sure the best way to show gratitude is to be kind. Maybe someone will ask you more photos or videos of a specific piece they might want to have suggestions on sizes or colors or framing, you name it; answer their questions and do it fast. They aren’t just buying an object, a painting is also an idea is your viewpoint translated on canvas, think about it.
    4. Do a lot of practice — Paint, paint, paint and paint, Waste tons of canvases and kgs of oil paint. Don’t be scared of making mistakes, nobody was born perfect and I bet no one will die perfect either. The practice is what will turn you into a pro, is how you will discover your signature style, is what will make you happy and satisfied. You are creating an art piece, it is something that never existed to which you gave birth with your mind and body, isn’t this a miracle per see? Try also to be kind with emerging artists. They contact you as they see you as an example, isn’t that flattering? maybe by answering their question, you will change their lives forever, I do believe that a drop in the ocean isn’t just a drop but it has the power of the whole ocean.
    5. Have fun — I know I know, we try to become pros and to live off our art, we have to pay bills, life goes faster than what we can keep up and fun is the last thing we can experience…. Well, don’t give up now! Endure, resist. Remember when you were a kid and for the first time, you mixed blue and yellow? You were so amazed to see that green coming together, it was pure magic, you were having fun, you were happy! Well keep that mood and it will all be all right!

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