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Story of a Commissioned Painting

BLOG – Nov 21, 2021

A new collector in June contacted me to have a secret preview of my latest collection. I was keeping most of my paintings secret so that I could reveal them at my upcoming Solo Show in Lugano which was to be held in July. I made a story on Instagram, saying that there was the possibility to contact me personally to get a preview. I was contacted by this collector with a low profile.A very nice person who immediately showed a lot of interest and admiration for my art. The feeling was immediately very good.I showed him the paintings I was keeping secret and he fell in love with.

Fierce Carp

Fierce Carp Painting by Chiara Magni A painting that I myself find very significant and powerful. In a brief scab of email, the painting was sold to the full satisfaction of both, also because in the meantime I had had the opportunity to know each other in addition to the purely business relationship. The painting was really new and still had to dry. I sent it immediately as soon as it was ready. He sent me photos of his beautiful home with my painting installed. A dream!! In September I was on vacation in the beautiful city of Orvieto in Umbria. I went hunting for breathtaking landscapes armed with a photographic camera and full of inspiration. I received an email from this same collector. With his sympathy he was asking me on commission. The subject had to be a lion but with the tone of my previous painting "Whiskers 2".

Whiskers 2

I was electrified! Just around the time I had decided to do more animal paintings. Here comes the portrait of a lion! After seeing the details with the collector I immediately set to work, and here was born "Dutchy".

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