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What is a TRUE ART? My Opinion

By Chiara Magni • Mar 09, 2021 at 00:00

What is a TRUE ART? My Opinion

Art can affect its spectators in many ways, so it is not surprising to see different reactions to the same piece of work. But if we are to define what true art is then I think it is very personal and I believe and uphold freedom of speech.

To me, art equals EMOTIONS

If something shakes your soul, that is ART

If something changes your mood, that is ART

If you look at a painting and feel happy, that is ART

If you listen to a song and feel melancholy, that is ART

If you look at a movie and feel scared, that is ART

I could go on forever making examples with all of the possible emotions and combinations.

I’ve personally chosen the path of making art that uplift the mood of people. I like my collectors to see my art and feel happier, to look at my paintings in their living room and exclaim “home sweet home” with a satisfied smile.

However I do respect all of the forms of art, and I call art only what makes my soul vibrate.

This is why I felt the need to coin and define my style using the term “Bright Expressionism”.

My focus is on EMOTIONS.

I do create my paintings with a very permissive structure, where the drawing is intentionally imperfect, fast and instinctive, but at the same time, the composition and the choice of colours very strictly follow all the rules and study on the matter. To me, the colours choice is never random and it is always carefully studied, every colour that I put on a specific point of my canvases, was meant to be there and to be that exact tone.

So what is ART to me? Emotions, some loose and unexpected factors and a lot of tiny details that are just meant to be precisely like that.