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What is the difference between Art and Artwork?

By Chiara Magni • May 11, 2021 at 10:13

What is the difference between Art and Artwork?

A painter follows a very personal path and is generally always in the future with his head.

I notice that it is common among us painters to have much clearer ideas than what we show to others.

We are usually able to plan months and months of work, plus the more we create the more we are supported by our collectors and the better we become.

Each artist has his personality and his way of seeing things. What I recommend is to make your diversity a strength.

Look within yourself what makes you unique and different from others, look into yourself and listen to your inner personality.

We are the source of all the inspiration we need, inside us, there is like a well from which to draw and create wonderful creations.

This is something that we learn over the years and with many paintings created and sold, it is a subtle balance that is obtained by continuing to create and listening to ourselves.

Therefore I will define “art” as the whole complete package, everything that surrounds an artist, his ideas, his visions and his way of communicating.

While I would define “artwork” as a single milestone in achieving that subtle balance between an artist’s internal and external worlds.

Each work of an artist is a very important piece of a larger project and should be celebrated. both as a unique piece and as a component of a body of works and wider view.