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What is an Art? And what can and can’t be considered art?

BLOG – May 07, 2021

I t is absolutely not up to me to say what is not art. This is one of the most personal, subjective, and least definable topics there is. In general, I believe that art has a lot to do with communicating EMOTIONS. I have coined a new term (Bright expressionism) to define my style and defined a certain way of making art, and this is related to me as an artist. As a spectator, I am interested in what strikes me, in that painting that when I look at it creates an impact of whatever kind it is. When I look at a painting I want to feel the effect of that painting, I want to experience those emotions that only that specific work can give me. Among my favorite paintings or painters, there are various styles and even styles that have nothing to do with mine, but each of them can create emotions in me, and this is what I think matters. There are artists I appreciate for their craftsmanship and academic skills, I love to perceive that behind a painting there is a lot of hard work and strict observation of the rules. Then there are painters that I love because, like myself, they are impulsive, all the hard work is put into wanting to create strong emotions, in wanting to give the idea that the colors are random but instead they have been studied down to the last detail; I identify myself in this last category. So how can you answer “what is art?”. Art is subjective and it is what you consider to be art.

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