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59 x 39 in


About the Painting

"Melech" is a name that whispers of ancient tales, of dusty trails leading to hidden treasures, and in this oil on canvas, it's the name that speaks of the king of beasts, the lion, painted with a love for every detail.

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Artwork Details

"Melech" is a name that whispers of ancient tales, of dusty trails leading to hidden treasures, and in this oil on canvas, it's the name that speaks of the king of beasts, the lion, painted with a love for every detail.

This painting's journey began on a blank canvas, the way a new dawn greets the savanna. I didn't rush. I let my hands and colors move slowly, listening to the silent stories of the wild. The rich blues of the endless skies, the vibrant greens of the rolling fields, they didn't just land on the canvas, they grew there, like nature plants seeds and watches them bloom.

The lion, "Melech", took shape under my fingers, not with a rush, but with the patience of the skies that watch over the earth. His mane, a golden flame, didn't come alive in a single day. It was a patient stirring of warm yellows and fiery oranges, each layer a day passing in his royal world. His eyes hold the calm of the ancient trees and the wisdom of the stars that have watched over his ancestors.

As I worked, it felt like I was there, in the wild, under the same sun that bathed "Melech" in its glow. I felt the breeze that rustled his mane. I heard the rustle of the grass in the quiet of the morning. This painting became a bridge to that place, a way for "Melech" to step into your life and bring with him the essence of the untamed, the peace of nature's slow dance.

"Melech" isn't just a painting. It's a heartbeat. It's the breath of the wild frozen in time, a moment of silent strength captured forever. When this lion finds his place on your wall, he brings with him the spirit of the savanna, the whisper of the grasslands, and the timeless watch of the skies.

This is your chance to bring a piece of that noble spirit into your space. To share in the story of "Melech", the lion king, is to own a slice of the wild, a touch of the eternal, a spark of the adventure that roams far and wide under the great blue expanse. It's not just a purchase; it's an adoption of spirit and story that will fill your home with the silent roar of beauty and strength.
Title: "Melech"
Year created: 2023
Medium: Oil on canvas
Painting Size: 59 x 39 in (150 x 100 cm)
Framing: "Melech" is an original oil painting and is ready to hang. It is stretched over a wooden frame and painted on the edges, arriving ready to be hung in your home. The painting can be framed by the customer if desired, or left as is.
Subjects: Nocturne , Mountain , Oceans
Style: "Bright Expressionism" is a new style of painting developed by Italian artist Chiara Magni which combines elements of Impressionism and Expressionism, characterized by its vibrant and intense use of color. This style is distinct in its imaginative and emotional approach, aiming to convey joy and vivacity. Bright Expressionism deviates from traditional color rules, creating imaginative scenes that evoke feelings of freedom and playfulness.


Shipping details for original artwork:

A representative of The Chiara Magni Gallery will coordinate the delivery of your original oil painting by Chiara Magni. Notably, many of Magni's original works are purchased while they are still drying on the dry rack. If your painting is still drying, we will let you know when it is expected to be fully dry and ready to ship, which is typically about six to eight weeks after the painting has been finished, depending on the thickness of the oil used.

If your original oil painting is being displayed at a museum or gallery exhibition, you may still purchase the piece online, and we will ship your painting as soon as the show is over.

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About Chiara Magni

Chiara Magni's artistic journey was marked by passion and perseverance.

From childhood dreams to unexpected setbacks, her path led to a remarkable resurgence.

Discover how an ember of determination ignited a world of "Bright Expressionism" in Chiara's remarkable story of self-belief and artistic triumph.