The Miniatures Collection

Miniatures Collection

Chiara wanted to create a line of “jewels for the wall”: The Miniatures Collection 

This Collection includes a series of small or very small paintings adorned with very important and luxurious frames. All the frames are made in Italy with precious and quality materials.

Chiara personally chooses all the frames based on the painting in order to create harmony with the painting itself. Chiara supervises the framing process that is done in the same workshop where the canvases are produced for her.

MADE IN ITALY is a MUST and is a note that distinguishes Chiara’s work.

The frames that adorn Chiara’s miniatures are generally new, in some special cases some vintage frames (that have truly seen history)arrive in the laboratory, some are more than 100 years old.

Chiara checks them and those that are approved by her personally find new life adorning her paintings for another hundreds of years! Chiara tries to keep her stock of small “jewels” always full and updated, in order to please all her collectors.

This Miniatures Series is a new entry that was created at the end of 2021 but is already one of her  most popular creations! Each single painting is designed to be perfect and complete on its own but also to be collected in a series of several elements.

Chiara restock and adds to this series in a way that each painting has one or more twins to be collected together; the paintings can be combined both by size, by color scheme and by type of frame.

This is a milestone in Chiara’s artistic path and we are sure that every single of this small beauty will bring joy and elegance in your Home!