Golden Kimono 2


A theme much loved by Chiara are the Geishas.

Chiara sees them as unique and almost non-human creatures, without a gender but simply beautiful.

A great fascination and interest in the kimonos, which cover and adorn these wonderful creatures

This painting is part of a series of two, please see also “Golden Kimono 1

Chiara painted a lot of Geisha in her carrier and these last two are probably the most interesting pieces!  Like the great majority of Chiara works, this is finger painted, only some of the finest face details are done with brushes. This is a painting with a great texture and a deep study of colors 

This painting has been displayed at Chiara’s Solo Show in 2021 at the Fondazione Majid, Ascona, Switzerland.


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Size: 90x140cm - 35x55" Category: Year: