Tangerine Clouds


Chiara is inspired by the beauty of Lake Garda where she was born and still has the good fortune to live.  Nature is her greatest source of inspiration. With a particular love for the sky in all its formations and at all the different times of the day, Chiara has dedicated many paintings to both natural and urban landscapes.  There is a particular emotion in observing the creations of Mother Nature and Chiara loves translating what she sees onto canvas.

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  • Tangerine Clouds

    70x70cm - 27x27" $2,000

    A very saturated seascape. The sky and the water are full of colors. A vivid sunset, almost unsettling but somewhat still relaxing.

    A mix of very strong feelings.

    Here Chiara used her fingers and a big spatula to move the oil paint to create big circles.

    The painting is full of energy and motion.

    This is a perfect example of he very personal style “Bright Expressionism”


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